Phase shifter problem.

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Phase shifter problem.

Post by sad1024 » Tue Jun 22, 2010 11:07 am

This program doesn't work too well. Does anybody know why?

equ mod reg0
equ fb reg1
equ fb1 reg2
equ fb2 reg3
equ fb3 reg4
equ out1 reg5
equ out2 reg5
equ out3 reg6 ;set up registry
equ out4 reg7
equ FBout reg8

sof 0,0
skp RUN, 0
wlds 0, 12, 32767 ;initialize and scale sine wave lfo to modulate
rdax pot0,1.0
sof 0.4, 0.001
wrax sin0_rate,0
cho rdal,sin0
sof 0.25, 0.2
mulx pot1
wrax mod, 0

sof 0,0 ; first stage allpass filter with feedback from last stage
rdax fb, 1 ;modeled after allpass filter diagram
mulx mod
rdax adcl,1
rdax FBout,1
wrax fb,0
rdax adcl,-1
mulx mod
rdax fb,1
wrax out1,0

rdax fb1,1 ;second stage
mulx mod
rdax out1,1
wrax fb1,0
rdax out1,-1
mulx mod
rdax fb1,1
wrax out2,0

rdax fb2,1 ;third stage
mulx mod
rdax out2,1
wrax fb2,0
rdax out1,-1
mulx mod
rdax fb2,1
wrax out3,0

rdax fb3,1 ;forth stage
mulx mod
rdax out3,1
wrax fb3,0
rdax out3,-1
mulx mod
rdax fb3,1
wrax out4,1
rdax adcl,1 ;output mixed with input to dacl
wrax dacl,0
rdax out4,1
mulx pot2
wrax FBout,0 ;feedback to first stage

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