Simple development board using FV-1...

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Simple development board using FV-1...

Post by robiw » Tue Nov 25, 2008 2:55 am

Dear Colleagues,
I woluld like you to know I have built simple microcontroller system having few futures more that original one i.e.:

- built-in RS232 interface which allows you to upgrade program effects using simple application and compiled hex file,
- sDSP - a simple application which allows user to upgrade external effect and their names (external effect's names are displayed on lcd, built-in system),
- 8 internal plus 16 external programs (bank A and B),
- direct bypass function.

This project was published in "Elektronika Praktyczna" - Polish biggest electronics magazine and will be sold as a KIT as well.

Links: ... 200811_048

Best regards...Robert Wolgajew

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