Pitch Shifting Coding Sample

;Program to demonstrate pitch shifting, mono in, mono out
;For demo only, could benefit from better bandstop filters
;and a larger all pass filter bank
;shifts by about +/-370 Hz (set by POT0 scaling).
;51 instructions total, ~40% of instruction space.
mem ap1 1
mem ap2 1
mem ap3 1
mem ap4 1
mem ap5 1
mem ap6 1 ;declare all pass memory locations
equ sigs reg0 ;sin output from allpass filter bank
equ sigc reg1 ;cos output from allpass filter bank
equ lpf reg2 ;register for single pole LPF
equ hpf reg3 ;register for single pole LPF
equ sigfil reg4 ;register to hold filtered signal
equ sinosc reg5 ;sin oscillator register
equ cososc reg6 ;cos oscillator register
equ temp reg7 ;temp register
equ shift reg8 ;shift amount from pot0
equ potfil reg9 ;filter for pot control

;initialize sinosc and cososc, sinosc is zeroed by FV-1 on start:

skp run,2
or $7fffff ;load accumulator with pos max
wrax cososc,0 ;initialize cosine register

;prepare pot0 for controlling pitch shift:

rdax pot0,0.1 ;read pot *0.1
rdfx potfil,0.001 ;filter to remove jumps between pot codes
wrlx potfil,-1 ;write potfil with infinite shelf
sof 1,-0.05 ;offset pot val by half
wrax shift,0 ;shift varies from -0.05 to +0.05

;get inputs and filter:

rdax adcl,0.5
rdax adcr,0.5 ;read and sum inputs to mono
rdfx hpf,0.04 ;do HPF, about 300Hz
wrhx hpf,-1
rdfx lpf,0.4 ;do LPF, about 3KHz
wrlx lpf,-1
wrax sigfil,0.0039 ;write to sigfil and attenuate to keep
;allpass filters from clipping

;continue through all pass filter bank:

rda ap1+1,0.995 ;44Hz
wrap ap1,-0.995
rda ap2+1,0.937 ;488Hz
wrap ap2,-0.937
rda ap3+1,0.61 ;3531Hz
wrap ap3,-0.61
wrax sigs,0 ;write bank result to sigs, clear accumulator

rdax sigfil,0.0039 ;read sigfil and attenuate again
rda ap4+1,0.978 ;178Hz
wrap ap4,-0.978
rda ap5+1,0.84 ;1289Hz
wrap ap5,-0.84
rda ap6+1,0 ;simple delay (90 deg @ Fs/4)
wrap ap6,-0
wrax sigc,0 ;write bank result to sigc, clear accumulator

;do oscillator:

rdax cososc,1 ;read COS reg
mulx shift ;multiply by shift control value
rdax sinosc,1 ;add SIN reg
wrax sinosc,-1 ;write SIN reg, invert phase
mulx shift ;multiply by shift control value
rdax cososc,1 ;add COS reg
wrax cososc,0 ;write COS reg, clear ACC
;now do the multiplies between oscilator terms and phase shifted input:

rdax sigc,-2 ;read sigc, start to scale up
mulx cososc ;multiply by COS from oscillator
wrax temp,0 ;write to product to temp reg
rdax sigs,-2 ;read sigs, start to scale up
mulx sinosc ;multiply by SIN from oscillator
rdax temp,1 ;add in temp reg from previous multiply

;now scale result back up to full gain:

sof -2,0 ;only negative coef provides a full 2.0
sof -2,0
sof -2,0
sof -2,0
sof -2,0
sof -2,0
sof -2,0 ;multiply by 256 to recover signal level
wrax dacr,1 ;write dacr, keep sig in ACC
wrax dacl,0 ;write to dacl, clear ACC

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